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“Discover How Your Child Can Quickly Become The Most Valuable Player On Their Baseball Or Softball Team In Just A Few Days… Regardless Of Their Ability Or Experience”

Click Here To Learn More…

“Discover How Your Child Can Quickly Become The Most Valuable Player On Their Baseball Or Softball Team In Just A Few Days… Regardless Of Their Ability Or Experience”

Click Here To Learn More…

“Discover How Your Child Can Quickly Become The Most Valuable Player On Their Baseball Or Softball Team In Just A Few Days… Regardless Of Their Ability Or Experience”

Click Here To Learn More…

“Discover How Your Child Can Quickly Become The #1 Power Hitter On Their Team In Just a Few Days —Without Ever Going To The Batting Cage Again...”

Yes - It's True! Your Son or Daugher Will Quickly Learn How To Get More Doubles, Triples, And Home Runs Than You Can Count...

Dear Parent/Coach Of Baseball Or Softball Player:

Does Your Child Get Frustrated or Upset When They:


Click On Video Clip Below To See the #1 Way That's Made Countless Players Into Powerful Hitters Overnight!

See Below To Discover Why This Is Far More Effective And Faster Than Any Other Method or Technique When It Comes To Permanently Improving Your Child's Hitting Skills.

23 Year Professional Instructor Reveals The 2 Root Causes of Nearly Every Single Hitting Problem

Joe Magno - Mister Baseball Hello! My name is Coach Joe Magno. I've coached baseball and softball now for over 24 years at the little league, high school, college, and major league level, including being a scout for the Cincinnati Reds. I've also coached numerous travel teams and have worked with over 20,000 students in private and group instruction since 1986.

I've also operated over 3000 of my “Mr. Baseball Camps” and clinics highly acclaimed by ESPN, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, and THE HALLMARK CHANNEL which are staffed by current and former major league players, coaches, and instructors to help young players successfully learn proper mechanics of fielding and hitting.


“My son attended Joe's camp and I have been very impressed with the organization and instruction. I highly recommend Mister Baseball!"

Jim Riggleman
Dodger Bench Coach

“Joe Magno is an outstanding baseball instructor, and has a fine rapport with young players. My son has benefited greatly from the lessons he has taken from Joe."

John Higgins
Vice President, The Tampa Bay Devil Rays

My experience has clearly shown me that there are TWO REASONS why most players suffer in their hitting and are kept from reaching their maximum potential:

FIRST, Your Son or Daughter Can Have The Perfect Swing Mechanics And Be The Strongest On The Team. But If They LACK These 5 Specific Vision Skills Below, They're Going To Struggle Making Good Contact.

One reason your child may not be hitting well is due to the fact that one or more of the following vision skills are lacking when it comes to seeing the location, motion, and movement of a pitched baseball or softball when they're up at bat:

  1. Dynamic Visual Acuity—this allows them to see objects clearly while in motion.
  2. Eye Tracking—this is the ability for them to "keep their eyes on the ball" no matter how fast it's travelling.
  3. Eye Focusing—this is the ability for your child to focus quickly and accurately from one distance to another.
  4. Fusion Flexibility—this is your child's ability to keep both of their eyes working together even under high speed, physically stressful situations.
  5. Depth Perception—this is the ability for your child to quickly and accurately judge the distance and speed of objects

Your child's vision affects everything. If they lack any of the above vision skills, one or more of the following WILL occur:

SECOND, Your Son or Daughter May Not Be Hitting To The Best Of Their Ability Because They Have Slow Hands Like Many Young Players Today Often Have.

It's sad to say, many young players have SLOW HANDS when swinging a bat. In many cases, this is what causes poor hitting, infield ground outs, pop ups, and strike outs. Having slow hands will also prevent your son or daughter from hitting the ball hard enough to get doubles, triples, or home runs.

Slow hands may also be due to genetics. Is your son or daughter genetically predisposed to being slow handed? If so, this is another reason why he or she makes poor contact with the bat – or not able to hit the ball hard enough to get a great hit.

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Why The Batting Cage Won't Improve Your Child's Hitting Skills In The Long Run..

Now, I'm not disregarding the batting cage - please understand that. The batting cage is effective and needed for batting practice to get your child's timing down on pitches, reinforce good swing habits, work on their stance, and to build strength.

However, when it comes to truly helping your child or player(s) eliminate or permanently correct improper swing habits to help them become a much better hitter in the long run, the batting cage falls short.

Here are two reasons why:

1st: The Batting Cage Can Be a ‘Band Aid' For Your Child's Hitting Problems And Reinforce Bad Swing Habits Even If It “Appears” They Start Hitting Better.

For example, if your son or daughter is in the cage and has a tendency to jam their front elbow – or has a tendency to do something in their swing which causes them to hit poorly - then moves up or backs away from the plate in the cage and starts hitting the “heck” out of the ball because they knew exactly where the pitch was going to be thrown, IS that problem truly fixed?

In many cases, most players in the batting cage will re-position their stance or time their swing to where the ball will be thrown since they know exactly where the pitch will go, and when it will get there since the balls are pitched at the same spot every time.

By doing this they can “appear” to hit the ball well and continue to reinforce this bad habit – or any other bad habit they tend to make - even though they never truly fixed the problem which WILL come back to haunt them in a game situation.

2nd: The Batting Cage Doesn't Train Your Child To Effectively Hit Off - Speed Pitches Such As Curves, Sliders, Knuckle Balls, etc. and Pitches Thrown Over The Inside/Outside Corner of Plate That Often Cause Many Players To Strike Out Looking!

This is because in the batting cage, your child gets the SAME pitches thrown generally at the SAME spot every time. How is this going to prepare him or her to have the visual sharpness to hit curves, knuckle balls, sliders, etc. that they will soon face from good pitchers?

How is this also going to prepare him or her to effectively see and judge pitches thrown over the inside and outside corners of the plate that are strikes?

What he or she needs is to get the right kind of practice to where they can spend lots of time hitting these types of pitches. This is what prevents them from watching that last pitch get thrown over the inside or outside corner of the plate and striking out looking.

The batting cage doesn't really provide your son or daughter with these types of pitches to practice on which they will eventually face from other pitchers.

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Why Most Batting Hitting Trainers Can't Fully Maximize Your Child's Hitting Potential...

Over the years I've also used many different types of hitting trainers. Yet I've seen that because most are rounded, a child may still be able to make contact with a small wiffle ball effectively to improve their vision abilities, but still ‘ROLL OVER' their hands and wrists on contact EVEN though they may hit the ball far. This is what causes ground outs.

As a result, they'll still tend to hit ground outs even after consistent use of these different rounded batting hitting trainers.

This is due to the fact that the rounded part of the stick does not have any type of feature to prevent their hands and wrists from doing this. As a result, many of these batting trainers won't create the proper muscle memory change in your child to train him or her to swing through the plane of the ball without rolling over their wrists and hands.

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The #1 Solution That Can Quickly Eliminate Any Hitting Problem Your Child May Have To Help Them Become The TOP Hitter On Their Team Has Been Found!

I have seen what TRULY works and what doesn't work when it comes to improving a child's baseball/softball batting skills. Believe me, I've used every technique and strategy out there - including nearly every kind of batting trainer.

However, I'd like to share with you about a method I came up with over 10 years ago that in many cases can dramatically improve any player's hitting ability almost overnight!

It's something that has shown itself to be quicker than any other method, strategy, or technique to improve your child's hitting ability within days!

It's Made Players Who Have Struggled In Their Hitting Into Power Hitters On Their Teams Within A Few Days

When my students began using it, their hitting skills improved TEN – FOLD. I went from having 1 out of 5 succeeding as consistent hitters to eventually seeing 100% of all my students succeeding. And this happened within just a few days with all my students!

That's When I Knew I Had Developed a Powerful Batting Training Tool!

Not only did I see an amazing improvement in their swings, their consistency, their contact, and their hand – eye movement, but their parents soon wanted to take one home to practice with their child.

This device not only produced tremendous results in my players' hitting ability, swing speed, and hand – eye movement, but it also exploded their confidence. It also helped to permanently eliminate problems and inconsistencies in their swing that the batting cage was unable to do that prevented them from reaching their maximum potential as players.

How Would You Like To See This Proven Method Train Your Child To:

Finally Here's The #1 Rated
Batting Tool Proven
To Be Far More Effective –
-And Much Quicker
The Batting Cage
Using Any Other Hitting Trainer
To Maximize Your Child's
Vision Skills,
Hand-Eye Coordination
Swing Power
Like Never Before!


“For the 3 generations of my sons and daughter, this has created faster hands, better hand-eye coordination, and has improved their batting tremendously. Even one of my child's batting average has soared."

Bill Loard
Former Major League Baseball Catcher
San Francisco Giants

I engineered and manufactured a 19.2 ounce anodized T6 heat treated aluminum metal “stick” that's 31.5 inches long with an 11 inch grip. The stick's design is 2.5 inches wide above the grip, with 7 holes throughout the shaft. The sides of the shaft part of the stick are ¾” wide.

The sides are not rounded, but have a FLAT square edge. This is to help train any baseball/softball player to hit a small polyball (golf sized wiffle ball) DIRECTLY on the ¾” FLAT EDGE of the aluminum stick when pitched to in order to give them the proper VISION TRAINING to be able to hit any pitch thrown near the plate harder and farther every time.

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The Lightning Stick™


It's A Practice Batting Hitting Trainer For Baseball And Softball Players In Little League Through The Major League Level That QUICKLY Trains Them To:

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How Is This Much More Effective And Faster In Improving Your Child's Hitting Skills Compared To Any Other Strategy, Tool, or Method?

4 Ways...

(1)First, This Helps Train Your Child To Fully Maximize Their Vision Skills To See And Judge Pitches Much Longer Than Ever.


When your child practices with this batting hitting trainer, they are to hold it just like a bat ready to hit balls thrown to them.  But instead of someone pitching a baseball or softball to them, they instead pitch a small polyball (golf sized wiffle ball) for your child to hit on the SMALL ¾” flat edge of the Lightning Stick™. 

They are to try to hit as many polyballs as they can in the center of the small flat edge of this stick successfully and as far as they can. There are numerous drills to use with the Lightning Stick™ to train your child to hit all kinds of pitches on this ¾” flat edge.  

There are drills to use that involve pitching these small polyballs over the inside and outside corners of the plate as well as throwing them in an off – speed fashion so they get used to hitting different types of  pitches.  This conditions them to learn how to hit any type of pitch thrown to them with visual sharpness and confidence.

Your Child Can Learn To See and Hit Any Baseball or Softball Pitched To Them As If It Were A Beach Ball

The more your child/player(s) is able to successfully and consistently hit polyballs off of the edge of the Lightning Stick™, the following will happen:

Their Visual Acuity, Eye Tracking, Eye Focusing, Fusion Flexibility, and Depth Perception Will Gegin To Improve...

Being conditioned to hit a small polyball (golf sized wiffle ball) is much harder for the eye to concentrate on, focus, see, and hit COMPARED to seeing and hitting a regular sized baseball or softball — ESPECIALLY off of the side of the small 3/4" square edge of this aluminum stick. (Remember, the side of a bat is bigger).

In order to hit a small polyball successfully off of the square 3/4 inch edge of the Lightning Stick™, your child's eyes will naturally begin to help train them to:

After using the Lightning Stick™ consistently, hitting a baseball or softball can be like HITTING A BEACHBALL!

Once your child’s eyes are trained to successfully and consistently do this through various batting drills, their visual sharpness to hit small moving objects will never be the same!

Over the course of time, hitting small polyballs on the ¾” edge of the Lightning Stick™ will dramatically improve his or her hand – eye coordination like never before.  Eventually with much use of this batting training tool, they will get used to hitting small balls on this small ¾” flat edge surface of the stick.

Then, when they use a bigger bat to hit a baseball or softball, your child will already have MASTERED the art and skill of hitting something small on a small surface – so it will be much simpler to hit a larger object off of a larger bat surface. 

This process creates an image in their brain – particularly in terms of their hand – eye coordination, to sharpen their vision skills to be able to focus on the movement, spin, and speed of a small ball.

Then, when using a BIGGER bat surface to hit a BIGGER ball like a baseball or softball, it will be like hitting a beach ball! Their confidence and self esteem will soar through the roof. 

How Is This 3/4" Flat Edge Feature Far More Effective To Improve Your Child’s Vision Ability and Hand – Eye Movement Than...

Hitting Lots Of Pitches At The Batting Cage?

Unfortunately, at the batting cage, your child is only conditioned to hitting ONE ball size. Therefore, your child isn't given the opportunity to condition his or her vision skills to hit smaller balls on a smaller surface.

This won't maximize their ability to focus on the movement and speed of smaller balls being pitched to them so that when they face larger size balls thrown to them, they feel much more confident. This is because at the batting cage, they only practice using one size ball to hit off of a bat which has a larger surface.

Using Other Batting Trainers?

Compared to most batting training aids, the Lightning Stick™ 's  ¾” flat edge features the smallest surface to hit golf size wiffle balls on than any other type of batting hitting trainer of its kind.  Most batting hitting trainers have a LARGER surface to hit small wiffle balls on which won't fully maximize their vision skills like this one.

Also, because other batting training aids are ROUNDED and do not have a FLAT SQUARE EDGE like the Lightning Stick™, players can still hit small wiffle balls well but still "ROLLOVER." Rollover is when a child rolls their hands and wrists over when they make contact with the ball on the bat. This is why players ground out and/or hit a lot of infield grounders – due to rollover.

When your child uses the Lightning Stick™ and swings unevenly or rolls over just a little bit, the polyball will COMPLETELY MISS the ¾” flat edge. Since the edge of the Lightning Stick™ is flat and not ROUNDED, the ball won't make any contact on the top or bottom part of the side edge like it can with a rounded edge.

With a rounded batting trainer, this is not the case. A player can still make good contact on any part or angle of the batting trainer since it's rounded and miss out on being properly trained to prevent this from happening. 

(2) Second, This Helps Train Your Child To Eliminate Ground Outs And Hit Line Drives Every Time Up At Bat.


The Lightning Stick™ batting trainer is designed with and 11 inch rubber grip that covers the lower part of it.  Underneath this rubber grip the aluminum part of the stick has a triangular shape to it.  This helps train your child to do the following:

When your son or daughter holds the Lightning Stick™ , they are to grip it with ONE PALM UP (palm farthest from the body) and ONE PALM DOWN (palm closest to body).  All of their “KNOCKING KNUCKLES” (knuckles used to ‘knock' on a door) are to LINE UP.  This is the correct way to grip it. 

The triangular shape feature REINFORCES this correct feeling for gripping it as such.
So each time your child swings the Lightning Stick™  to hit small polyballs, he or she will quickly improve their KNOCKING KNUCKLE PALM UP/PALM DOWN MEMORY for when they grip and swing a bat. 

Your Child Quickly Learns How To Stop Hitting Ground Outs And To Start Hitting More Outfield Line Drives Like Second Nature 

What this type of grip does is it prevents “ROLLOVER”.  Again, “Rollover” is when a child ROLLS their hands and wrists over when they make contact with the ball on the bat. Once again, this is why players ground out and/or hit a lot of infield grounders – due to “ROLLOVER.”

You see, when players use the Lightning Stick™ to hit small polyballs directly on the ¾” flat edge, it FORCES them to use palm up/palm down grip to do this. That is, in order to successfully hit the small polyballs on the flat edge of the stick, they must use the correct KNOCKING KNUCKLES PALM UP/PALM DOWN grip or they won't hit them CORRECTLY.

As a result, this builds lasting palm up/palm down memory so that when your child uses a bat, they are conditioned to swing with their hands correctly through the plane of the ball  which  causes him or her to hit more line drives and much less ground outs.

How Is This Far More Effective In Preventing Your Child From Grounding Out/Hitting The Ball Poorly Than Taking Lots of Swings...

At The Batting Cage?

Unfortunately, there is nothing at the batting cage that FORCES your child to use palm up/palm down grip, let alone build PALM UP/PALM DOWN MEMORY for your son or daughter.

Yes, you can teach them to hold the bat with this kind of grip, and have them take thousands of swings and spend hundreds of dollars doing this, but eventually they will fall back to rolling over again because nothing there at the batting cage addresses this.

That's because there is nothing on the grip of the bat alone to keep reinforcing this memory as the Lightning Stick™ is already equipped to do for your son or daughter by its specialized grip to condition this type of memory change.

Using Other Batting Hitting Trainers?

Other batting trainers DO NOT HAVE the type of triangular rubber grip that reinforces the palm up/palm down knocking knuckles grip memory for your child. Most have a rounded grip, and therefore won't reinforce lasting palm up/palm down memory for you child when they use a regular bat. 

As a result, this won't prevent them from rolling over since there is nothing on or inside these sticks to reinforce this memory change. They can still rollover using these trainers.

(3) Third, It Quickly Trains Your Son Or Daughter To Use Perfect Swing Mechanics Like A Pro Due To Its Special Sound Feedback Feature Not Found In Any Other Trainers Of Its Kind.


If your child or player(s) hits the small polyball correctly on the ¾” flat edge of the stick, it will make a DISTINCT SOUND. Hearing this means your child is swinging the bat properly through the plane of the ball using the correct palm up/palm down grip which will translate to how they swing a bat.  They will also know how this feels.

If they don't do this correctly, they won't hear this DISTINCT sound. Also, your son or daughter will know it doesn't feel right.  This will force them to have their hands in the proper hitting position to hit the ball correctly every time. This also continues to reinforce lasting memory change in their swing pattern.

This Instant Feedback Feature Quickly Trains Your Child To Have Their Hands In The Proper Position To Hit Any Pitch Like a Pro 

Therefore, this instant feedback will give him or her the ability to QUICKLY make any type of correct adjustment they need to make sure they throw their hands properly through the plane of the ball using palm up/palm down grip in order to successfully hit the polyballs on the ¾” edge of the stick. 

This will quickly translate into how they swing a bat with proper mechanics to help them get more line drives and outfield hits every time they make contact.

How Is This Feedback Feature Far More Effective Than The Feedback My Child Will Get...
At The Batting Cage?

Since balls are pitched to the same spot around the same time intervals in the batting cage, your child can easily cheat by adjusting their stance and proximity to the plate as well as their swing to the timing of the pitch and still hit the ball well, even though any problems or inconsistencies they may have in their swing were not correctly identified.

Therefore, they may not be getting the proper feedback they need in this type of environment to correctly point out specific problems/inconsistencies in their swing.  There isn't any type of feedback feature to help force your child to have their hands in the proper hitting position like the sound feature does in the Lightning Stick™.

Using Other Batting Trainers?

Since most other batting trainers are ROUNDED and don't have a flat edge like the Lightning Stick™, they don't have any type of instant SOUND FEATURE for instant feedback. There won't be a distinct sound that tells how well or poorly they did when trying to hit the polyball in regards to keeping their hands in the proper hitting position.

Also as mentioned above, most batting trainers are rounded which cause players to ROLLOVER even though they may still hit wiffle balls on it well because they don't have a flat edge to prevent this like the Lightning Stick™ does.

(4) Fourth, This Helps Them Add Much More Distance To Their Hits Than Any Other Type Of Method Due To It's Special "Olympic Over Speed" Feature.


The Lightning Stick™ is very light, weighs only 1.20 pounds, and is specially designed with 7 aerodynamic holes throughout the upper part. The purpose for this special design is to maximize your child's “Quick Twitch” muscle movement memory to hit with overwhelming power and add much more distance to their hits through repetitive swings.

The holes are aerodynamically designed to cause your child to swing with an extremely quick motion.  When your child swings the stick, it quickly “RIPS” through the air since the specially designed holes cause the air to get ‘sucked' under it.

Every time your son, daughter, or player(s) swing the Lightning Stick™ to hit a small wiffle ball off of the ¾” edge of it, their QUICK TWITCH MUSCLES GET STRENGTHENED. Your child can have someone toss small polyballs to him or her so they can get lots of swings in a very short period of time.

In this short period of time he or she is swinging the Lightning Stick™ , they are “FATIGUING” their muscles and create muscle memory change through this repetitive motion.

So every swing they take keeps strengthening and reinforcing their ‘quick twitch' muscles to build this motion memory so that it naturally translates to swinging a bat with much more quickness, speed, and power.

Your Child Quickly Learns To Maximize Their ‘Quick Twitch' Muscle Movement To Swing A Bat With Explosive Quickness, Power, and Speed To Hit Farther Every Time They Make Contact

Did you know this is exactly what Olympic athletes do to train? For example, Olympic runners run downhill so that their ‘quick twitch' muscle fiber movement will be strengthened in their legs to run faster. 

Many Olympic and professional athletes will run with a bungee cord tied to them which reinforces the quick twitch muscle movement in their feet to move faster as well. Even boxers reinforce their quick twitch muscle movement when hitting speed bags to quicken their punches. 

How Is This Olympic Over Speed Feature More Effective Than Taking Lots of Swings...

At The Batting Cage?

It's true that the more swings your son, daughter, or player(s) take at the batting cage, the stronger their muscles get. This comes naturally. However, this WON'T  strengthen and peak their ‘QUICK TWITCH' muscle fiber movement which has to do with the initial QUICK explosive movement your child uses when they first make contact with the ball.

Remember, this is the type of movement boxers strengthen and reinforce when they use speed bags to work on quick punches.

Unfortunately, the batting cage won't continually strengthen, reinforce, and peak your child's ‘quick twitch' muscle fiber movement to FULLY maximize their muscles' quickness and power each time they swing like the Lightning Stick™.

Using Other Batting Trainers?

Since most practice batting trainers are solid with rounded edges and don't have aerodynamically designed holes to cause the air to move faster underneath it, they cannot be swung nearly as fast as the Lightning Stick™ can.

As a result, your child won't be able to fully maximize their quick twitch muscle movement as much as they can when using these batting trainers because they can't be swung as fast as the Lightning Stick™.

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Here's What Others Have Said About The Lightning Stick™

“Since using the Lightning Stick™, not only have my players greatly improved their batting averages, but many who have used it are hitting the ball into the outfield more than ever before. This really works. It really gives proven results -and fast!" 

Ben Goldberg
President of Los Altos Cal Ripken Baseball

“After training my players with the Lightning Stick™, I saw tremendous results in their hitting skills — and fast! This tool is a must for anyone wanting to truly become a power hitter."

Carl Nichols
Training Coach for Major League Baseball's Youth Academy
Houston Astros/BaTMltimore Orioles

“My son first started using the Lightning Stick™ when he was 11 years old. Now he is playing high school baseball. His bat speed has increased tremendously. Harry's hands are much quicker when swinging the bat compared to the rest of the kids on the team."

Pete Knowles
Father of youth baseball player

“The Lightning Stick™ is a tool I use with all my players that helps me as a coach to achieve my instructional goals much quicker. I recommend it to all of my coaches and players."TM

Dave Sanders
Former President of East Long Beach Pony Baseball

“I love the Lightning Stick™ and had my league using them for the past 6 years. The stick really helps our coaches iron out the swing quickly and gives the player instant feedback."

Morry Mohr
President of Hermosa Beach Little League

"Coach Joe,

My wife was not happy to hear that I had spent $75.00 on a “Lightning Stick™". Well, it is all different now as the results achieved on the field by my son have impressed her.  My son has been using the stick for only a week and has shown great improvement in Eye Hand coordination and Bat Speed.

He just turned 11 in May and has been playing since March on a Majors Little League Baseball Team here in Florida.  The Majors of course is comprised of some 10 year olds but mostly league age 11 and 12 year olds.  He held his own most of the season but got into a batting slump when his team reached the County tournament at the start of June.  He started to face the best pitchers in the county and was not making great contact.  He was hitting dribblers and pop ups against the faster pitchers.

I began surfing the web for ways to improve his eye hand coordination and found your product.  After using The Stick for TWO DAYS things started to improve and after 7 days he is the hottest hitter on the team.  In his last eight at bats he is 8 for 8 including two doubles and two triples.  This is against some of the best pitchers and teams in Brevard County as we have advanced through the tournament.

One of his greatest improvements is hitting the low and away strikes to the opposite field.  I simply started him practicing hitting those kinds of balls with The Stick and he consistently takes those pitches the other way….He impressed quite a few people in the All Star try out with his hitting as he ripped several line shots during that portion of player evaluation… Thumbs up from everyone here in Florida for The Lightning Stick™!"

Ed Kostyk
Father of Youth Baseball Player

Click Video Below To Watch The Lightning Stick™ Demo:

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Here Are The Proven Benefits Lightning Stick™ Can Give Your Son Or Daughter Compared To Solely Relying On The Batting Cage When It Comes To Permanently Improving Their Hitting Skills...

*Trains your child to master ability to hit a very small ball on smallest ¾”surface to make it very easy to hit a larger ball (baseball or softball) on a bigger surface (bat). *Only conditions your child to get
used to hitting one size ball on one size surface (bat).
*Helps train your child's eyes to easily see and judge off - speed pitches and balls thrown over inside/outside corner of the plate through different drills to hit off of the ¾” flat edge. *Doesn't train your child to hit these types of pitches since balls are thrown to same spot every time.
*Specialized grip forces your child to not rollover by reinforcing palm up/palm down memory when swinging a bat to help eliminate ground outs and hit more line drives. *Doesn't have any thing there to reinforce palm up/palm down memory to prevent him or her from eventually falling back into 'rolling over' when they hit since they only use a bat when hitting.
*Trains your child to quickly learn how to throw their hands properly through the ball with proper swing mechanics due to instand sound feedback feature to get more quality hits every time. This also prevents cheating in any way. *Allows your child to move up or back from the plate and ‘time' their swing to when and where ball will be pitched since thrown at same spot. No sound feature to train your child to throw their hands properly through ball. As a result, they can still cheat to hit ball well in cage which doesn't truly fix problems.
*Maximizes and reinforces your child's 'quick twitch' muscle movement memory to give them more power and distance to their hits through Olympic overspeed training each time they swing. *Can improve your child's strength by taking more swings with bat, but this won't strengthen their ‘quick twitch' muscles and reinforce this explosive movement to build this memory in their swing.
*Can be used inside and outside anywhere for unlimited amount of time with unlimit number of pitches used with drills. * Can only use during open hours and are given limited amount of pitches. Most of time must drive to
*Will never require you “wait in a line” to use. *May require your child to have to wait in long lines before hitting.Not good for busy schedules!
*Has a low one time cost compared to all the time and money spent at the batting cage. *May require you and/or your child to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in tokens or quarters over the years if they play this sport for a long time!

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Did You Know That You Can Spend
$100'S –
 If Not
 $1000'S of Dollars
Taking Your Son, Daughter, or Players
 Over The Years To The Batting Cage –
Investing In Other Batting Training Tools,
Still Not Achieve
  All The Benefites The Lightning Stick™
   Can Give Them?

Absolutely! In the past 24 years, my experience in coaching baseball and softball from youth through the professional level has taught me one thing:

There is no other method or technique that can FULLY MAXIMIZE your child's or player(s) hitting ability to help them become their team's best power hitter in the SHORTEST amount of time like the Lightning Stick™.

Remember, the batting cage is necessary for hitting practice and timing pitches. But when it comes to fully maximizing your child's vision skills, hand – eye coordination, and building lasting memory change for their ‘quick twitch' movement and  palm up/palm down grip to prevent roll over, the batting cage and other rounded batting trainers fall short.

I've found that if you spend just $2.00 at the batting cage for one person once a week for 3 months, this equals $24.00 a year. If they play for 4 years, that's at least $96.00 it will cost you for JUST one child for just ONE YEAR!

On average most parents and coaches spend hundreds of dollars over the years taking their sons, daughters, or players to the batting cage and they still won't achieve the benefits the Lightning Stick™ gives them!

But today, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can begin to help your son, daughter, or player(s) become a consistent power hitter on their team by having them own their own Lightning Stick™ to practice as much as they want, wherever they want – with unlimited pitches - for a special one time offer of:

Original Price: $127.00

Our Price: $107.99

Special Limited Offer: $69.99



If you order today, I will include my free bonus e-book titled All-Star Baseball and Softball Hitting Drills” to help explode your child's hitting skills. This e-book is valued at $17.99 and includes all the best drills I use with the Lightning Stick™ in my private instruction and group lessons. It will also show you how to effectively use this batting tool.


Also if you order today, I will include in your order 1 FREE PACK OF SMALL GOLF-SIZED POLYBALLS (6). By ordering today, you will already have plenty of balls to start practicing with to get you started.


Note: We ship worldwide. However, please email us first if you are located outside the continental USA to know what the extra international shipping charges will be since they will be more.


HURRY! Because there is such a high demand for this proven cutting edge batting tool from coaches, players, parents, and hitting instructors from all over the world – both in baseball and in softball, and because the costs of design and production may be increasing, the price for the Lightning Stick™ may be going up soon—very soon.


If you are not satisfied with the Lightning Stick™ and feel your child/player(s) hitting hasn't improved after consistently using it for at least 90 days from the date of delivery, then feel free to send it back for a full refund less original shipping & handling fees — no questions asked. Buyer is responsible for all return freight costs.

So What Do You Have To Lose? 

Only An Opportunity For Your Child/Player To Be A Successful Power Hitter On Their Team!


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Note: We ship worldwide. However, please email us first if you are located outside the continental USA to know what the extra international shipping charges will be. Please allow 7 - 10 Business Days For Delivery by the US Postal Service..

Here's to your child's success!


Joe Magno

AABA Baseball Coach/NSCA Certified Trainer

P.S. – This highly effective batting tool is not sold in stores. Supply is limited for now, so please order online today.

P.S.S.– Your child deserves to have more fun and enjoy life more fully! Give him or her the chance to become a much better and powerful hitter on their team starting today.


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